Myofacial Qigong



 Click the photo to learn more about me.

Click the photo to learn more about me.

At the age of 69, I have more energy and vitality than at 59.

I've learned to live powerfully through what I call transformational cross-training. A combination of qi gong, yoga, and meditation designed to increase flexibility, mobility, and strength.

Most people live in an increasing state of dis-ease. We live in toxic environments, overworked lifestyles, and are bombarded with messages. This disconnects us from our natural state of grace.

You can grow in ease instead of disease.

Life can get better with age. You can enjoy your life more with every year... if you learn the right tools. 

Today I teach people of all ages a blend of ancient and modern techniques to increase their vitality. If you want to learn about my offerings, send me a message or sign up for my list.